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Visit our Materials page to see what we have to offer for delivery. We sell compost, red clay, topsoil, limestone roadbase, limestone rock and much more.

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"If we can't do the job, we can recommend someone who can."

Tightwad, MO

Brandy Vickery started his business, Vickery Dirt, in 1998 as a part time job, hauling a load of dirt here and there on weekends and afternoons to make extra money.

As the years passed, Brandy established a business based on good, honest service, and fair prices. His services have expanded to include Dozer work, Track Hoe work, Tractor work, land clearing, pond building, and much more. Vickery Dirt meets or beats most prices in the East Texas area.

If you need any of their services, or if you have any questions, please give
Brandy a call at (936) 329-4159.




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